Reviewed: Ashdown AAA 30 Bass Combo

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Reviewed: Ashdown AAA 30 Bass Combo

Going for the smaller practice amp vibe the AAA 30 is the smallest in the lineup with a single 8” speaker and 30 watts of power. Alongside the standard Volume, Bass, Middle and Treble controls there is a Line In and Headphone Out for additional connectivity. Ashdown have also integrated their ‘Apptek’ feature which allows users to access Ashdown virtual amps and effects via the AmpKit app. The AAA 30 comes in a black buffalo styled tolex which looks the part with a red (almost oxblood) coloured grille adding to the Ashdown vintage stylings.


Yes, you can practice bass unplugged, but perhaps more so than guitar it really helps to have some volume when practising bass to hear the nuances and low end of your sound. This is where a smallish combo really hits the spot. The AAA 30 weighs in around 11kgs making it easy to move from room to room or take to a mate’s place. It’s also small enough to sit under a desk or in a corner of your practice room. Then when inspiration strikes it’s just a matter of plugging in and working on your chops or nailing that riff. Ashdown’s 3 band EQ on the AAA is enough to dial in a tone and the 30 watts will give you some plenty of oomph if you’re not going the headphone route.




The AAA EVO range covers quite a bit of range coming in 30, 60, 100 and 120 watt models. Obviously the 30 is a super handy, portable practice amp but if you need some more grunt you can check out the bigger brothers. Ashdown have a strong reputation for tough gear that can take a beating so I’m sure you’ll have no worries with performance of this little number. Whether you’re working on technique or jamming with backing tracks the EVO 30 can give you some good tones at bedroom levels and won’t miss a beat.