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Yamaha FSX guitar Main.jpg


The vast majority of, for want of a better term, ‘entry level’ guitars are more or less the cheapest, palest imitation of bigger name builds that the designers can manage without tarnishing the name of the company as a whole. Conversely, Yamaha have long been the go to for affordable instruments that go against the cheap and nasty first guitar trope. The FSX315C is a classic example of this idea as the only thing sacrificed here is the price tag. Composed of Spruce across the face and composite tropical tone woods forming the back and sides, the concert-sized body is perfect for younger players as it is easy to get around in order to keep an eye on what your hands are doing. Its small profile also limits the volume of your playing without impeding any of that classic resonance, meaning that you can keep practicing well into the night without keeping up the rest of the house.



Every inch of the design is based on Yamaha’s iconic FG series, guitars that have proven to be the first love of generations of six stringers. The similarities in tone are particularly impressive with the signature balance and control across frequencies well and truly intact. The only real difference is the size; the body is smaller, the neck is narrower and the sound a few decibels more conservative. Otherwise everything about the playability of the FSX315C is as good as the rest of the family. Every last guitar player was a beginner once upon a time, all your heroes fumbled over barre chords as much as any of us, so why should buying your first rock box mean missing out on the experience of owning an honest and playable guitar. With the FSX315C it doesn’t, build quality, simplicity and playability all combine to put you in good stead while you’re warming up your chops.