Timberidge TRFC-MM Acoustic Guitar

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Timberidge TRFC-MM Acoustic Guitar



Whilst not traveller/mini size, the TRFC-MM is definitely
 not as big as a dreadnaught
 or auditorium. I’d liken it to slightly smaller orchestra shape with this model, following the Messenger specs of mahogany top, back, neck and sides. The natural darker timber is allowed to shine through and the guitar is finished in a natural satin adding a slight sheen without the gloss. Weight-wise, the MM is nice and light so won’t cause any troubles playing sitting or standing. Timberidge have again gone with the Fishman I-SYS + preamp which adds some points to the overall package too. The on-board tuner display is bright and clear and the I-SYS + does a good job for those wanting to plug in for some extra volume.


Coming nicely set up from the warehouse with smooth fret edges and good action and intonation, the MM lets you get stuck straight into playing. Open chords rung out clearly with a fairly full bodied sound across the board. Picking and single note runs up the neck all felt good, with the slim neck letting you whip around uninhibited. There’s enough to hold on to, but the skinny C type profile is easy on the hands and great for those that struggle with bigger chord shapes or stretches. The heel joint is smooth and the cutaway also lets you dig into the higher registers with ease. It might
 not have the tonal nuances of a hand-made exotic wood acoustic, but at its price point, the MM really feels and sounds good. Folky strumming, country picking, open chord sing-alongs or more refined sounds are all fair game.


A solid mid-level guitar that’ll suit a range of styles, the TRFC-MM fits nicely under the $1k banner. Good for chords, picking and everything in between, it’s a flexible all-rounder for those looking for something more
 than a beginner guitar or not wanting to spend mega bucks. Onboard tuners are just about standard these days but it’s great to see Fishman as the default for the Messenger series handling electronics duties too. There have been quite a few Timberidge guitars through the doors of Mixdown and the TRFC-MM is just about one of the easiest playing models I’ve seen. 


For more details, head to musocity.com.au.