Timberidge TRC MM12 12-String Acoustic Guitar

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Timberidge TRC MM12 12-String Acoustic Guitar

trc-mm12_f_1 copy.jpg


In darker mahogany woods, the new Messenger series of guitars from Timberidge all feature 
a rootsy natural satin finish. The TRC-MM12 is a 12-string dreadnought shape with a cutaway and sports the new 2016 shaped headstock, which looks a little more modern and simplified. Timberidge have also opted for their own-labelled tuners in black, which sit nicely with the understated and darker looking mahogany finish. As an amplified instrument you’ll find a Fishman I-SYS + preamp and tuner onboard with controls for volume, bass, treble, phase and a tuner on/off button. Fishman are a proven instrument preamp/ pickup/electronics company so the I-SYS + is a solid choice.


As a 12-string and a dreadnought you might be expecting a super beefy guitar that only a giant can play, but I’m happy to report that the MM12’s body weight is comfortable and light and the neck 
is skinny (in a good way). Open chords and picking are easy on the hands with some clear tonal definition. The string spacing is user friendly, enough to allow
 the more fleet fingered to whip around bluegrass lines or intricate runs, but not so crammed that the cruisier sing and strum brigade is put off. Tuning and intonation up the neck seemed good and even with a little bashing the MM12 appeared stable in the tuning department. The battery box is located on the bottom of the guitar with a combined input jack plate and the low battery indicator will alert you if it ever needs replacing (although the battery life is suggested at over 100 hours – so that’s quite a few gigs!).


At Sub $1k, easy to play and with a Fishman onboard, it’s a great guitar for those needing to add some 12-string action to their arsenal but not wanting to spend a fortune. Furthermore, it’s a good option those wanting a solid 12 stringer acoustic at a nice price. Timberidge aren’t here to match the uber artisan handmade guitar makers, rather they’re offering 
a range of solid guitars that are easy to play and sound good. 


For more details on the range of Timberidge guitars, head to musocity.com.au.