Reviewed: Faith Guitars FG1HCE PJE Legacy Earth Cut/Electro

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Reviewed: Faith Guitars FG1HCE PJE Legacy Earth Cut/Electro

Faith Guitars are designed by none other than UK-based master luthier Patrick James Eggle. While the guitars are hand-built in Indonesia, Eggle’s rigorous standards and practices leave no step of the construction process to chance. This even includes the final setup each guitar undergoes before leaving the factory to be shipped.


On that note, it was no surprise that the Earth played supremely well right out of its deluxe hard case. The smooth mahogany neck played like butter thanks to its natural oil/satin finish. Out of all the models I’ve tried from Faith, this one undoubtedly beats them out in terms of sound. The Earth is replete with crispness, a tight low end, and a wonderfully defined midrange. The guitar resonates and projects incredibly well when strummed hard, while the smooth fretboard and faultless fret work makes single lines a walk in the park. When amplified, the under-saddle Fishman Flex Blend was an adventure in itself. Apart from the excellent Fishman pickup, the instalment also features a premium electret-condenser cardioid microphone, which can be dialled into the mix alongside the pickup with a blend knob. This generates new tonal options to your amplified sound, and offers some uncommon versatility when plugged in. And as with most other Fishman models, both volume and tone controls are present, with a brightly lit LED tuner to boot.


Unlike the majority of Faith models, the top of the Earth is made from torrefied Sitka spruce instead of Engelmann spruce. The torrefaction process involves the spruce first being air dried, then roasted in a kiln. Oxygen levels are closely monitored in order to minimise its moisture content. As the wood cools, moisture is slowly reintroduced, strengthening the timber as it stabilises. Ironically, this process is an artificial method to age timber as naturally as possible. Faith claims the voice produced by the torrefied topwood could likely be equated to 20 years of natural aging. As well as its tonal benefits, torrefaction additionally colours the spruce a gorgeous shade of burnt gold. The stunning top is matched with solid African Khaya mahogany for its back and sides, with a figured Macassan ebony fretboard. While I would have preferred a satin finish for the entire body (as per Faith’s Naked series), the hi-gloss finish still gets the job done.



The Earth is based on Eggle’s original ‘Linville’ model, which is a true Orchestra Model shape. Aesthetically, the Legacy series is the creme de la creme of the Faith line-up. You don’t have to look far to notice this – the wood grain practically speaks for itself. Additionally, extra visual flourishes are included into the Earth – the most noticeable being a solid figured ebony pickguard, which both looks and feels great. Other noteworthy additions include two beautiful strips of flamed maple binding, natural bone bridge pins topped with a tiny disc of abalone, and nickel Grover Rotomatic tuners adorned with dark ebony tuning pegs. While seemingly grandiose, these premium inclusions stay well within the boundaries of Faith’s minimalistic theme.


It’s obvious that Patrick James Eggle knows exactly what he’s doing with the Faith brand. The Earth is yet another testament to this – striking a perfect balance between price, quality, and performance. If you’re looking for a stunning guitar that’ll last you a lifetime, look no further.