Maton 70th Anniversary Dreadnought

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Maton 70th Anniversary Dreadnought

70TH Anni_1.jpg


Popularised by players such as Tommy Emmanuel, the Maton Dreadnaught is one of the most recognisable of their line, and this particular 70th anniversary model keeps plenty of that classic build in place. The full bodied dreadnaught is constructed with a sitka spruce top and Victorian blackwood neck, back and sides. Interestingly, Maton have gone for the combination of gloss just for the top and satin on the rest of the body. Indian rosewood is the timber of choice for the fretboard and as with the majority of their new models the guitar comes equipped with an AP5 Pro pickup system. Overall this 70th anniversary model is classy and clean with the gloss top and headstock adding some sheen whilst the satin back and sides and dark rosette add a rootsy and raw feel.



So the guitar looks a treat, but how does it sound? There’s plenty of body and volume making the guitar a good choice for strummers and at pickers. The top seems to resonate nicely so you can really dig in if you need to also. I liked the neck shape and pro le and the cutaway lets you push right up past the 12th fret with ease. It’s a full bodied guitar that can handle quite a range of styles and the AP5 Pro does a ne job of translating the guitar’s fundamental tone when plugged in.



I like that Maton have stayed true to one of their favourite designs and just thrown in a few twists to spice things up. The workmanship is top notch with the thought and design evident in the classy looks and clean build. As a player it’s a strong and clear instrument that can sit in a range of styles and settings. The gloss top satin back and sides combination is fresh for Maton and seems to really work with this guitar. For those of you after a dreadnaught with a little something extra than the standard model this 70th anniversary model could well be the ticket.