Blueridge Br 73 acoustic guitar

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Blueridge Br 73 acoustic guitar



Smaller than Jumbos and Dread- naughts, 000 sized guitars have proven to be popular instru- ments for a number of reasons. Their reduced body size and easy playing dimensions make them a comfortable instrument for nearly everyone, and just as importantly players also like them for their balanced and clear tone. They’re great for a range of styles, but fngerpickers are especially attracted to their re- sponse and subtleties. Coming in with a scale length of 25.6” the BR73 features Rosewood back and sides, a sitka spruce top, mahogany neck and a rosewood fretboard. Blueridge have then added a little show to this guitar with gold vintage styled ‘butter- bean’ tuning pegs, a combina- tion of mother of pearl, abs and abalone binding and inlays along with a high gloss fnish.



Punchy and mid rangey, the BR 73 sounds balanced and quite clear. Perhaps slightly more suited to more intricate styles, it reacts well to both open chords and voicings up the neck whilst pick players will also like the mid focused tones that can cut through the mix when needed. It might not have the super complex overtones and richness of some super $$ guitars but it defnitely feels, looks and sounds in the 000 ball park.



With a bevy of cheaper priced acoustics on the market it’s really been a case of a few makers standing out with well made, good sounding guitars, and Blueridge defnitely seem to be a part of that action.  It stacks up well against similar priced guitars and even gives a few pricier models a kick in the guts. Vintage inspired with some modern touches, it’ll get you that small body feel and sound.