Zoom introduces the new MicTrak range of audio recorders

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Zoom introduces the new MicTrak range of audio recorders

Words by Mixdown Staff

Musicians, filmmakers, podcasters, and more, the MicTrak range has a bit of something for everyone

Zoom has long been at the forefront of location recording gear and recently dropped the MicTrak range of next-generation audio recorders, available very soon at your local retailer.

Comprising the range is the M2 handheld recorder, the M3 shotgun mic, and the flagship M4 four-track recorder.

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M2 MicTrak

The M2 is targeted towards content creators and musicians, boasting 96kHz 32-bit recording, with the integrated XY microphone capsule offering both mono and stereo formats.

Perfect for all levels of creator, the M2 features a ‘Normalize’ function which will raise or lower the level of your recordings to optimise volume, saving time and streamlining the editing process.

There is also a headphone output for monitoring, a USB connection for recording and streaming on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android, an included mic clip and windscreen, and 11 hours of battery life.

M3 MicTrak

If video is the name of your game, the M3 is an on-camera stereo microphone and recorder that captures every sonic nuance with 32-bit float recording.

“There’s no need to set gain. Whether it’s dialogue, sound effects or outdoor ambience, you’ll always get the perfect take,” Zoom said.

You can easily switch between mono, 90°, and 120° pickup pattern modes and record in stereo, dual mono, and MS RAW format for whatever the situation requires.

Its specially designed shock mount keeps your setup lightweight and ensures minimal handling noise, while it also comes included with a windscreen.

M4 MicTrak

Now to the M4, the flagship recorder in the MicTrak series, boasts 96kHz 32-bit float recording, but features a built-in timecode generator

Filmmakers can use the two XLR inputs for dialogue, while using the floating XY mic capsule to record ambience. In post, your recordings can easily be synced to video, thanks to the M4’s onboard timecode generator.

The XLR inputs feature TRS capabilities, while you can connect the line output to your camera to record a backup or sync track to your video, or monitor your recording using the built-in headphone output.

The ‘Prerecord’ function captures and saves six seconds of audio before you hit record, perfect for unexpected starts, while there is a whopping 18 hours of battery life.

The range is expected to land in your local retailer soon, stay frosty!

Head to Zoom for more information. For local enquiries, reach out to Dynamic Music.