Yamaha debut YC73 and YC88 stage keyboards

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Yamaha debut YC73 and YC88 stage keyboards

Words by Will Brewster

Offering FM synthesis, drawbar control and much more.

Last year saw Yamaha introduce the YC61: a feature-packed performance keyboard that set a new benchmark for the brand. Now, they’ve doubled down on the series with two larger units, adding  73-key and 88-key models to their arsenal.

Utilising Yamaha’s Virtual Circuit Modelling (VCM) technology to perfectly emulate the response of an organ, the YC73 and YC88 feature a healthy assortment of vintage piano models and modern synth tones alike.

AWM technology lets you easily tap into classic acoustic and electric pianos, plus strings, brass and analogue and FM synthesis, with two effects sections also on offer.

Meanwhile, on the organ side, nine drawbars offer comprehensive tonal control, with a smattering of buttons letting you tweak percussion and vibrato to your liking.

Users can split the Organ and Keys sections to play two unique patches simultaneously, and there’s even the option to plug in another MIDI keyboard to the unit for a two keyboard approach to performance.

For players who prefer the feel of an acoustic piano, the YC88 is loaded with natural wood keys that feature triple-sensor action and ivory key tops, whereas the YC73 presents itself as a versatile all-rounder with its balanced keys.

Head to Yamaha Music Australia for further details.