TwoNotes offer three new TSM preamp flavours via a free firmware update!

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TwoNotes offer three new TSM preamp flavours via a free firmware update!

TwoNotes OPUS
Words by Mixdown staff

Hot-on-the-heels of OPUS’ critically-acclaimed public debut, TwoNotes just dropped the TriTone Collective, empowering their legions of tone heads with 3 all-new TSM preamps flavors via a free firmware update!

TwoNotes are in the business of making your intruments sounds the best they can. The OPUS was released recently and has already seen an update for more tones and options!

The update comprises 2 gain-fuelled guitar pres (Tanger & El Dorado) and one contemporary bass pre (Aviator), OPUS continues its mission to empower players of all-walks with apex-level tone in a go-anywhere footprint.

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First up, there’s Tanger. For those times when you demand the pinnacle in versatility – covering everything from a well-rounded articulate clean to a full-throttle high-gain onslaught – Tanger delivers on all counts! Fusing boat-loads of punch, lashings of sustain and a unique brit-inspired gain stage that toes fuzz territory when pushed, Tanger ‘aint no one-trick-pony – it’s a powerhouse of tone primed for virtually any performance or recording scenario!

Next, ElDorado. Tight response? Check. Rich in harmonics? Check. Searing, perfectly balanced gain fused with lashings of sustain? Oh Yes! This TSM pre really is a “triple threat” for the guitarist venturing into hard-rock and metal territory.

Finally, for our esteemed Bass contingent, there’s Aviator. It’s the epitome of a modern, forward-thinking bass tone, complete with rafter-rattlin lows, gain-staging for an unrelenting tonal blitz when pushed and a no-compromise approach to the all important clarity your tone demands. In short, if contemporary sonics are your game, this TSM Amplifier delivers on all counts!

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