Tony Iommi drops a single, and a signature fragrance?

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Tony Iommi drops a single, and a signature fragrance?

iommi momo scent of dark
(Image: Max Sticca)
Words by Eli Duxson

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In a surprise twist to many, Black Sabbath legend Tony Iommi has released new music for the first time since Sabbath’s 13 to accompany the announcement of his signature scent.

What you need to know:

  • Tony Iommi has released his first new music in eight years to accompany his signature scent with Xerjoff Blends.
  • Iommi befriended Italian luxury perfume designer Sergio Momo during the pandemic and they started discussions.
  • The single is out now, while his signature scent will be available Monday November 29.

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‘Scent of Dark’ is characteristically Iommi with its doomy and moody motifs, and the groaning lead lines as Iommi explains he had the riff for quite a while, but had never done anything with it. 

The track features Jimmy Crutchley on bass, Ash Sheehan on drums, and a special guest guitarist who steals the spotlight at times.

How dares this man, you say? This special guest is Sergio Momo who is the designer for Italian luxury perfume house Xerjoff who is producing the signature scent. 

“I met Sergio through Crutchley and Sergio kindly sent me a box of his fragrances and asked if I’d be interested in creating my own, which I certainly wasn’t expecting.

“It’s something I’ve always been interested in, ever since the early days of products like Brut and Old Spice, which I’d always get given for Christmas.

“Once I started touring the world with Sabbath though, I started discovering different sorts of fragrances from other countries and began collecting them on tour,” he said. 

The fragrance is also named ‘Scent of Dark’ and claims to bring the “aromatic reminiscence of rock in the 60s and 70s, festivals and gatherings, amber, and patchouli”.

Iommi said that “it’s been a really interesting project for me that has combined many of my different interests and a direction I’m really enjoying going in”.

“I’ve got so many riffs, it would be great to do more instrumental and soundtrack work,” he said.

Iommi’s signature scent will be available from November 29 in selected retailers and at Xerjoff’s website. Stream and buy the ‘Scent Of Dark’ track here.