Three New Deluxe Series pedals by Tone City Audio

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Three New Deluxe Series pedals by Tone City Audio

Tone City pedals
Words by Mixdown staff

Tone City have released three new pedals that are taking the FX world by storm, hitting top 10 best seller lists of some of the best stores around the world ...  

Inspired by the Tone City Tape Machine and Tiny Spring pedals, the Heavenly Lake broadens its horizons by providing you with the same great airy and spacious soundscapes, with the ability to sonically refine the decay and depth of your tone. Housed in a bigger ‘two-in-one’ unit, Tone City have upgraded the Tape Machine’s circuitry, adding decay and tone adjustable controls enabling the user to precisely develop and shape delay for a refined tonal experience.

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Producing a wide sonic palette of rich, responsive low-to-medium tones, the Tone City Big Rumble Overdrive pedal transforms your tone giving you a mix of varied in-between clean and crunchy gain flavours. The Attack knob enables you to adjust the overall fatness tone that can be refined for a punchy attack, or whack it all the way up for a massive wall of sound featuring intertwined distortion elements.

The Tone City Holy Aura Distortion pedal harnesses inspired iconic American sounding amp tones with high gain, sustain and most important distortion goodness. Featuring 3 stages of EQ regulation, gain, presence, volume, and boost. You are able to fully adjust the tone with a wide sonic palette finding that overdriven sweet spot.

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