The LEHLE P-Split Stereo and Mono Volume S pedals are available now

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The LEHLE P-Split Stereo and Mono Volume S pedals are available now

LEHLE Pedals
Words by Mixdown Staff

The LEHLE P-Split Stereo and Mono Volume S pedals are now available - ready to be added to your collection of stomp boxes.

From the brand founded by German pedal savant Burkhard Georg Lehle, arrive two exciting new releases ready to be added to your collection of stomp boxes – the LEHLE P-Split Stereo and Mono Volume S pedals.

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The LEHLE P-SPLIT STEREO is a passive, high-fidelity signal splitter that combines intelligent splitting with passive signal summing. It features two LEHLE TRANSFORMER HZ units that galvanically isolate the ISO outputs, eliminating ground loops and hum. The LEHLE TRANSFORMER HZ ensures uncompromising sound quality for both high and low impedance signals. Each channel includes a gold-plated phase switch and ground switch for flexibility and system safety. The device can isolate stereo signals, allowing for the use of two amplifiers while sending the signal to a mixer or audio interface simultaneously. It is also an effective hum suppressor when connecting electronic devices with ground loop issues. With its ability to pick off balanced signals, it serves as a high-quality compact stereo DI box, enabling long cable distances without background noise. Depending on the socket configuration, it can function as a passive summing box or a three-way split for amplifiers. Notably, the LEHLE P-SPLIT STEREO operates passively without requiring a power supply.

The LEHLE MONO VOLUME S, on the other hand, is a compact and efficient volume pedal that uses magnet sensor VCA technology for precise control without mechanical potentiometers. This eliminates typical noise, expensive repairs, and complicated adjustments. The Hall-sensor measures the distance between the magnet and the pedal with great precision and speed, while an ARM Cortex CPU processes the data to control the VCA. The signal path remains completely analog, ensuring high-quality sound. The pedal provides stability both electronically and mechanically, with a consistent input and output impedance across the control range. It offers a wide dynamic range and a high-end preamp for enhanced tonal nuance. The pedal’s low-friction bearings and adjustable tension allow for smooth and precise operation. It also features a boost function and preset options for added versatility. The LEHLE MONO VOLUME S can be calibrated, programmed, and updated via the USB-C socket. Despite its smaller size and weight reduction, it maintains rugged stability and maintains the same comfortable and responsive pedal range as larger models.

For more information, head to LEHLE. For local enquiries, visit EGM.