The Band’s Robbie Robertson is selling off his Neve 8014 console

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The Band’s Robbie Robertson is selling off his Neve 8014 console

Words by Will Brewster

Treat your studio to a slice of music history.

A legendary presence in the world of analogue recording, the Neve 8014 console is considered by many as one of the most iconic studio desks of all time – and if you’ve got a few bucks to shed, you can buy one from The Band’s Robbie Robertson.

Previously used to record the likes of  The Band, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, The Meters and the soundtracks to The Wolf of Wall Street and The Irish Man, Robertson is set to sell off his iconic piece of studio gear this month via Reverb.

Kitted out with 16 Neve 1073 channel strips and packing a whole lot of vintage mojo, the console has been in Robertson’s possession for several decades, with The Band’s seminal songwriter and guitarist telling Reverb that he initially acquired the board while building a studio of his own.

“I realised it has a character, it has a sound, it has a warmth,” Robertson said of the Neve 8014 in an interview with Reverb.

“I fell in love with this board, and I said personally to the board, ‘I’m gonna take you on a journey, pal, you’re not gonna believe’. And I have.”

The console itself is said to be in phenomenal condition, with Robertson upgrading various aspects of the board to ensure it holds up in a modern recording environment, with a notable addition being the handy inclusion of a patchbay to the side.

“My dream would be that this console ends up in the hands of somebody that can totally feel the history of a piece of equipment like this and what it’s been witness to and what it’s complemented,” Robertson said to Reverb.

“I’ve taken this on a journey that nobody could even imagine. The music that’s gone through this board is just a phenomenon. I hope this ends up with somebody who completely appreciates the incredible journey that this board has been on. It is historic.”

Find out more about the iconic Neve 8014 through Reverb today.