Strymon announce the Deco plugin!

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Strymon announce the Deco plugin!

Words by Mixdown staff

Strymon’s foray into plugins speaks volumes of the ability of the company as a whole.

Strymon are no strangers to the pages of Mixdown, especially now that they’re diving into the world of plugins. The Deco pedal is a Doubletracker and Tape Saturation stompbox, with the two effects separated but summed together. The Deco plugin works the same way, with two the effects separated, with additional controls for use within a DAW.

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The Deco Plugin is split between ‘Normal’ and ‘Studio’ mode, ‘Studio’ mode offering an additional 10dB of headroom. ‘Normal’ mode is meant to emulate the sound and feel of a stompbox. 

There’s Volume, Tone and Saturation controls for the Tape Saturation side of the plugin, with an added Low Trim control for keeping your gain under control as signal moves in and out of the plugin.

The Tape Saturation side has the same Blend, Wobble and Lag Time controls as the stompbox counterpart, now offering Tempo Sync within your DAW’s sessions.

Strymon’s hardware in stompboxes are favoured the world over, offering unparalleled flexibility with the foundation of good sounding units, and their move into digital audio is an exciting crossover. Not to mention the digital plugin allowing you to use as many instances of Deco as your RAM will allow – with hope for more plugins to come!

Shop the plugin directly from Strymon here.