Seymour Duncan alt.metal Blackouts excel at delivering power in lower tunings

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Seymour Duncan alt.metal Blackouts excel at delivering power in lower tunings

Seymour Duncan alt.metal Blackouts
Words by Mixdown staff

Perfect for heavy riffs in lower tunings.

Fuelled by the unyielding intensity of alternative metal guitar sounds, the Seymour Duncan active alt.metal Blackouts excel at delivering power in lower tunings. They provide a precise and robust low-end response while maintaining the perfect high-end punch. Ideal for those craving the raw power of alternative metal, these pickups preserve the original Blackout energy while emphasising essential pulverising chug! Available now in 6 and 7-string sets and singles.

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Seymour Duncan alt.metal Blackouts

Maintaining the massive crunch of their original Blackouts, alt.metal enhances the low-end tightness, while the top-end has been refined for added cut without harshness. These pickups are exceptionally quiet, clean, and maintain more of your guitar’s character than typical active pickups would, delivering richer harmonics and a broad frequency range. If you are looking for crushing alternative metal power, get this!

The alt.metal bridge retains the energy and output of the original Blackouts but emphasises the percussive quality of palm-muted notes. The alt.metal neck ensures the perfect clean tone, while transforming with aggressive mids and increased sustain under higher gain settings.

The alt.metal Blackout set includes all necessary installation hardware needed for installation: pots, hardware, quick-connector cables, capacitor, output jack, battery clip and wire. If your guitar already has active pickups with quick-connector cables installed, you can simply unplug them and plug in your alt.metal Blackouts. They are available in passive mount for 6-string guitars and in both passive and active soapbar mount configurations for 7-string models.

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