RØDE Wireless Go II now compatible with RØDE Connect and Central Mobile app

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RØDE Wireless Go II now compatible with RØDE Connect and Central Mobile app

RØDE Wireless GO II in front of RØDE Connect app
Words by Sam McNiece

Which adds more functionality to the product.

RØDE, who have a range of products designed at podcasting, have updated their Wireless GO II product to be compatible with RØDE Connect app alongside a new app RØDE Central Mobile, which serves as a wireless way to change settings on the Wireless GO II.

What you need to know:

  • RØDE have released a new iOS and Android app which allows the RØDE Wireless GO II to be controlled wirelessly.
  • The RØDE Wireless GO II is also now compatible with RØDE Connect, their streaming and recording software.
  • Both updates for the product are available now and can be used free by any person with the product.

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RØDE Central Mobile is an iOS and Android app that allows you to configure the Wireless GO II from your mobile device. The app allows you to change settings such as backlight, gain, recording mode, the function of the ‘Ø’ button, pad on/off and recording quality options. The mobile app doesn’t feature recording playback optimisation and export due to the limitations of phone capacity but can still be done through the desktop version.

A big win for podcasters and live streamers though is the ability to now use Wireless GO II with RØDE Connect. The desktop app allows for four external inputs (Wireless GO II’s or NT-USB Mini’s) plus internal sounds and a sample trigger to be recorded and streamed with faders and effects such as a noise gate, compressor and aural exciter to be used in both live and recorded settings.

These two extensions allow further ease of use and functionality for the Wireless Go II and will enable users to get more out of the small devices.

Check out this video below for an intro to the new updates.

Head to RØDE’s website to check out the new RØDE Central Mobile app.