REDIacoustics brings AI-powered acoustic room analysis to the masses

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REDIacoustics brings AI-powered acoustic room analysis to the masses

Words by Mixdown staff

Acoustic research and software development firm REDIacoustics has announced a new range room optimisation services built off of the platform of their innovative, AI-powered NIROTM [Non-Cuboid Iterative Room Optimiser] tool.

REDIacoustics’ REDI ROCS [Room Optimisation of Cuboid Spaces] is a streamlined, affordable process that gives artists, engineers, podcast producers, and content creators valuable insight into the acoustic conditions of their rooms with an easy-to-understand report designed to educate, inform, and offer clear recommendations on how best to optimise the space.

A complete package of solutions tailored to fit the needs of your studio

​Utilizing a potent combination of time-tested studio design techniques and AI algorithms, REDIacoustic’s NIROTM has already been used to optimize acoustic conditions of critical listening rooms in over 200 studios. REDIacoustics’ new range of accessible room optimization services break these concepts into easily digestible and actionable steps that make it easier than ever to understand and get the most of your studio space. “The REDIacoustics approach benefits from over forty years of acoustic experience within some of the world’s most celebrated recording and listening spaces,” said REDIacoustics Co-Found Dr. Peter D’Antonio. “Having affordable options has always been a goal for REDIacoustics as a company, and our new services allow us to share these experiences with people looking for simple, more cost-effective solutions that can be implemented in their spaces today.”

In addition to offering these new services, REDiacoustics has created an Acoustic Treatment Calculator that can be used for free on the firm’s website to get a preview of the possibilities that room optimization can offer within a given space. “With the boom in home recording and content creation, more people than ever before are using rooms in their homes and offices as critical listening spaces,” adds REDIacoustics Co-Founder PK Pandey. “Ultimately we’re looking to demystify acoustics and educate the public on how easy it can be to be on the path to a better sounding room with the implementation of a few simple techniques,” adds REDIacoustics Co-Founder PK Pandey. “Excellent sounding rooms are not just for multi-million dollar recording studios anymore – we want people to know that you can implement these solutions anywhere.”

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