Yamaha launch three DTX6 electronic drum kits

Yamaha launch three DTX6 electronic drum kits

Words by Will Brewster

Your neighbours will love you for it!

Yamaha have today rolled out a new line of electronic drum set with the DTX6 Series, offering three different setups for players who need “a compact kit and want to have fun, play like a pro and easily transfer their skills to acoustic drums”.

Comprised of three different kits, each model in the DTX6 range is based around the DTX-PRO sound module, which is loaded with over 700 sounds with 40 preset kits and room for 200 more. Yamaha have also included a number of control knobs to let you alter the tone, compression and ambiance of each sound in real-time, while a number of other effects allows for extensive sound-sculpting.

For beginners, the DTSX6K-X provides an affordable entry-level option for younger drummers, featuring a ten inch cymbal, Textured Cellular Silicone (TCS) rubber snare and toms and a pedal seperate pedal for the hi-hats.

In the middle of the range, the DTX6K2-X kit features a three-zone TCS pad for the snare, as well as rubber pad toms and an additional RHH135 hi-hat stand. This one also features an extra cymbal to play with, as well as a 7.5″ KP90 kick drum pad with multi-layered cushioning to allow for a more realistic feel.

Finally, the DTX6K3-X provides players with a top-of-the-range electronic kit, offering an eight inch snare and seven inch toms alongside the KP90 pick drum pad and three triple-zone RHH135 cymbal pads and RHH135 hi-hat pads on a mounted stand.

Check out the full DTX6 drum set range over at Yamaha Music Australia today.