Yamaha expand TRBX bass series

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Yamaha expand TRBX bass series

The TRBX604FM and TRBX605FM are the four- and five-string variants that aim to challenge their lineage with a series of modern upgrades. The pair of basses both have flamed maple tops, matching headstock veneers, and contoured mahogany bodies.



The electronics on board share similarities with their predecessors, the ever popular TRBX500 series. Both guitars come equipped with custom Yamaha H series pickups, with four Alnico V pole pieces per string, ensuring a large frequency response and noise-free operation. Making a welcome return for the TRBX500 series is the active/passive switch for the onboard three-band EQ, allowing players to seamlessly toggle the system from active to passive with the simple flip of a switch. 



Both models are available in gloss translucent black, gloss dark red burst, matte amber and natural satin. 


Yamaha are available in Australia through au.yamaha.com.