Watch: Former chief Korg engineer explains how to use classic synths

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Watch: Former chief Korg engineer explains how to use classic synths

Each First Patch video centres around a different classic synthesiser or drum machine, breaking down its history, usage and sound palette before intuitively explaining how to make your own analogue sounds.


Takahashi covers some of the most iconic synths and drum machines ever made, including the hip-hop dominating Roland TR- 808, Jupiter 6 and the ancestor of most modern portable keyboards, the Minimoog. His explanation of how to use the synthesisers is refreshingly straightforward, as he traverses basic drum sequencing and raw, neutral patches on a myriad of historical instruments. 



Though Takahashi’s demonstration of the groundbreaking Korg Monologue does hilariously omit that he was the one to design it, it is undeniably one of the most insightful, and proves why its nifty sequencing functions are a favourite of EDM behemoth Aphex Twin. 



The breakdown of the much mythologised Roland TR-808 draws much of the interest in the series, as Takahashi demonstrates the easiest way to get started making beats. He runs the sequencer, and makes a basic program before showing how to program the 808 in real time, just like all our hip-hop heroes.




All 19 episodes of First Patch are available now online on the Red Bull Academy YouTube channel.