Walrus Audio debut revamped Julianna chorus/vibrato pedal

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Walrus Audio debut revamped Julianna chorus/vibrato pedal

Although it’d be easy to assume the Julianna is a mere aesthetic rebrand for the Julia, it seems that Walrus Audio have pulled all the stops to make that anything but the case. All the classic analogue sounds and features of the original Julia have received a significant overhaul, making the Julianna all the more tantalising for fans of gooey, warm chorus and vibrato. 


With a brand new Drift mode, the Julianna’s LFO subtly speeds up and down to create a woozy hovering effect, with the secondary LFO also ramping the rate up or down upon holding down the newly added tap-tempo footswitch and adjusting the rate control. 


The Julianna also makes use of a new tap multiplier and random wave shape mode, while the addition of stereo inputs and outputs helps elevate it into a whole new field of its own. It’s refreshing to see a company like Walrus Audio continue to update such beloved pedals, and hopefully, we’ll find more and more users discovering the magic of these units now that they’ve received a modern update. 


Hear how the Julianna Deluxe sounds in action below. 



Check all the specs over at the Walrus Audio website