Tycoon Launch Kid-Friendly Range

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Tycoon Launch Kid-Friendly Range


Included in the range are Congas, Cajons, Bongos, Djembes, Thunder Tubes, Wave Drums and Log Drums as well as a fantastic selection of pre-packaged classroom percussion sets. Music is the pillar of education, so it only makes sense to get the kids involved.


In today’s world it is becoming increasingly difficult to find products that can engage the minds of the young while at the same time stimulate their creativity. Part of Dynamic Music’s range is Tycoon’s iQ Plus is geared towards this exact concept. In a market dominated by cheap ‘knock-offs’, Tycoon’s mission is to provide the very best quality percussion instruments to young players that they may develop the fundamental skills of long-term music comprehension. When you put quality products in their hands for a reasonable and affordable cost, you start to see kids really enjoying music making. 


For more info, visit www.dynamicmusic.com.au.