Two of Eddie Van Halen’s guitars are headed to auction this December

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Two of Eddie Van Halen’s guitars are headed to auction this December

Given the close proximity of the auction to Eddie’s passing just two weeks ago, you’d be forgiven for thinking this auction was nothing but a shameless cash-in on the EVH legacy. However, Julien’s have purportedly had this auction in the works for a long time, with the collection also set to feature historic items from the likes of Elvis, David Bowie, Madonna, Jim Morrison and more


The two Van Halen items are comprised of instruments from various points of Eddie’s career, with the first being a 2004 EVH Charvel Art Series assembled by Eddie’s famous guitar tech Matt Bruck that was played live, hand-signed and personally ‘striped’ by the man himself. The white Frankenstrat also comes with photographs of him decorating the guitar and playing it at a show in San Antonio.



There’s also a red and white striped Kramer Frankenstrat up for grabs, adorned with Eddie’s signature and a hand-written message declaring “Yo Bryan, let’s get shucked up. Eddie Van Halen 5150″. The guitar was initially gifted to Bryan Cash, owner of Cash’s Centenary Oyster House in Los Angeles, who must have served up a mighty fine plate of clams to cop a signed guitar from EVH. 



If you’re keen to take on a punt on a piece of shredding history, sign up to Julien’s Auctions for updates. The event goes live on December 4, so we recommend making sure you’ve got some pennies ready to shell out for this one. 



Find out more about the auction via Julien’s Auctions today.