Tonebone Unveil A Stack Of New Products At NAMM

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Tonebone Unveil A Stack Of New Products At NAMM


At NAMM, Tonebone has revealed details about their new and updated ranges, to be released throughout 2016. This year we can expect seven new pedals, including the Swithcbone V2, Shotgun signal splitter, Mix-Blender, Classic V9 Distoverdrive, the Regency, the Bumper, and the Headlight.


First up, the Switchbone V2 is a high performance switcher that is designed to deliver the natural tone and feel of the instrument without introducing noise or distortion. The Tonebone Shotgun lets you shoot your guitar signal to as many as four amps at the same time. And it lets you do it either in mono or in stereo – quietly, as it eliminates hum and buzz caused by ground loops.


Radial is known for making problem-solvers. The Mix-Blender solves two longstanding problems with one compact device – the functions are in the name. The new Classic V9 is in fact a Distoverdrive. In other words, it sits somewhere between a traditional overdrive and a modern distortion pedal whereby it can clean up when playing legato and you can really dig into the notes when you want extra sustain and harmonic generation.


The Regency is in fact two pedals in one. The first is the pre-drive – a high output, low distortion overdrive that is used to add extra saturation to the amp without muddying-up the tone. Next up, the Bumper is a compact instrument selector that lets you switch between four instruments using a simple footswitch.


Lastly, we have the Headlight. In the studio, quickly switching between one amp to another without having to bring a rack and large multi-selector footswitch makes things all that much easier. The Headlight is made for these folks. 


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