This Invention Will Help You Swap Pickups in 30 Seconds

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This Invention Will Help You Swap Pickups in 30 Seconds

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The slick promo video for the P-Link, which you can see below, shows a guitarist swapping out three different types of pickups whilst recording a song, with three entirely different sounds coming from each, showcasing the usefulness of the system. The idea came from creator Martin Pratley, who wanted to be able to get different tones from the one guitar whilst recording or performing.

“When I’ve done recording in a studio, you want to have the comfortable guitar that you love playing, and feel good on and play well on. To put in a P90 instead of a humbucker, or swap in a Telecaster single coil instead of swapping the whole guitar and having the neck feel chance, I think that’d be awesome,” says Pratley.


Whilst there have been other interchangeable pickup systems, Pratley could revolutionise guitar playing with its ability to change pickups in 30 seconds. Switching pickups then becomes viable on stage, and even in the studio when the schedule is tight. There’s not even a need for any electrics to be connected or unconnected when switching, as the electrical current flows through when the pickup is inserted into the frame on the body.


As they are only a small guitar making company, Pratley Guitars will take to Kickstarter to try and raise the funds for production of the plastic moulds and the electrics, with their campaign going live on August 19. With the capability that this invention possesses, I have little doubt that they will struggle to reach their funding goal.



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