The New Vox MV50 Series

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The New Vox MV50 Series

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The MV50’s unique analogue preamp design incorporates the Nutube, a new type of vacuum tube, to achieve an authentic tube amp tone. Vox’s engineers took full advantage of this technology to design a true, low power, low voltage miniature amplifier.


The ‘Clean’ model provides a natural, undistorted sound with plenty of headroom. The ‘AC’ model serves up the classic chime and distinctive crunch of a Vox AC30, while the ‘Rock’ model delivers more aggressive high gain tones. The MV50 also incorporates specially designed circuits with a variable operating point, in order to more accurately reproduce the dynamic character of a traditional tube amp. The result of this unique circuit design is a guitar tone reminiscent of the great tube amps of the past. MV50 will be available in Australia from March.


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