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The increased price tag of the reissue series has caused much consternation amongst the DJ community worldwide who hold the iconic turntable, and in particular the 1200 product number, in high regard. The original turntables were released in the early 1970s, coinciding with the birth of hip hop and were embraced by high profile DJs such as Grandmaster Flash.


In a recent interview with the New York Times, Hiro Morishita, the company’s creative director, sought to explain their position, by stating that the products were being marketed for audiophiles rather than musicians.


“Our concept is analog records for hi-fi listening,” said Morishita. “DJs are fine, too, but as a marketing target it’s problematic. We don’t want to sell the 1200 as the best tool for DJing. The 1200 is the 1200.”


However, a new press release accompanying the release details of the SL-1210GR has backpedalled on that position. “We are sure both models will fulfill the expectations of Technics fans around the globe,” said Technics director Michiko Ogawa. “Our objective was to extend our top range for audio enthusiasts as well as professional DJs.”


Both the SL-1210GR and SL-1200GR will include many of the same features as the more expensive limited edition SL-1200GAE, with some notable changes. The direct drive motor has a single rotor, and the tone arm will be made of aluminum rather than the heavier magnesium.


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