The Electric Guitar That Promises Real On-Board Tube Amp Tone

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The Electric Guitar That Promises Real On-Board Tube Amp Tone


With guitar technology on the rise, we are beginning to see new innovations that may have some guitar makers a little shaken. We have already seen the likes of the Fusion Guitar hit the market, and now, the ElectroPhonic Model One is re-inventing the all-in-one electric guitar, with a modern twist.


ElectroPhonic promises “real amp tone – anytime, anywhere” with the Model One. Ten years in the making, the Model One is built from traditional hardwoods, and produces real tube tones via a built-in 8W amp with dual paper cone guitar speakers.

The guitar also features on-board effects, making it the all-in-one package that the practicing musician may desire. As well as gain control for built-on drive and distortion tones, the guitar also features delay and modulation.


The on-board amplifier can also be sculpted into US, British and high-gain amp types. Its powering mechanism is a bit of an interesting one: to get this baby roaring, all you need is to have the Lithium Ion batteries charged. It’s the same technology that is used in Tesla cars, so just pray that your axe doesn’t burst into flames.


The ElectroPhonic Model One is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. A pledge of $899 will get you the guitar, or if you are all about custom builds, $4000 gets you the personalised Custom Shop Build.

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