TC Electronic releases pitch-shifting Brainwaves pedal

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TC Electronic releases pitch-shifting Brainwaves pedal

The eye-catching hot pink pedal features independent dual voice pitch shifting as well as four polyphonic pitch effects. 


Pitch mode offers set intervals up or down, while Whammy brings out the Tom Morello in you by having the bend pitch up and down at the same time. Elsewhere, Detune offers chorus-y sounds and the V1>V2 mode combines the Whammy and the pitch-shifter at the same time.




This latest release also features the new MASH expression control which allows players to bend pitch-shifted notes, a function similar to an expression pedal. Another notable feature is the TonePrint Editor, which lets the player control the design of custom intervals, and reassign parameters via the TonePrint App.


Other features include true bypass, buffered bypass and stereo and mono I/O.


TC Electronic is distributed in Australia via Amber Technology.