TC Electronic debut the excellent new Ditto+ Loop Pedal

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TC Electronic debut the excellent new Ditto+ Loop Pedal

The new Ditto+ sees TC Electronic retain the simplicity and functionality of the original unit, while adding a few modern tweaks and giving it a bit of a makeover. There’s now a high resolution colour screen and two extra navigation buttons, which helps you to keep track of what’s going when using the pedal.


With up to 60 minutes of recording time, it’s unlikely you’ll ever run skint on time with the Ditto+, while unlimited overdubbing and undo/redo functions let you layer sounds to your heart’s content. It also features a new extended looping mode, which lets you layer a longer overdub on top of a short loop – perfect for fleshing out song concepts and ideas. 


The TC Electronic Ditto+ also offers 99 memory slots to store your favourite loops, which can be imported and exported to a computer via USB. You’re also able to use this USB functionality to import drum loops and backing tracks into the Ditto+ to recall instantly, making the looper an incredibly versatile platform for rehearsing and even learning guitar.


For fans of the original, the Ditto+ also features a mode which lets you recall all the original functionality of the first Ditto, while analogue-through-dry maintains the clarity of your dry signal when in use. There’s even an Easter egg where you can play Pong on the screen of the pedal, using the volume knob as a controller – what’s better than that?



Head to the TC Electronic website to check out the Ditto+ in further detail. For product inquiries in Australia, head to Amber Technology.