TC Electronic announce Spectradrive combo pedal

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TC Electronic announce Spectradrive combo pedal

The pedal boasts a custom-built, studio-grade DI, with switches for pre/post-EQ, ground/lift and line/instrument level. The balanced DI allows direct connection to mixing consoles or recording gear. 


The TubeDrive TonePrint utility adds extra dynamics and warmth akin to a tube amp. Governed by a single control knob, expect tones ranging from a slight overdrive to heavy distortion, fuzz and beyond. The TubeDrive setting also features its own dedicated footswitch, allowing you to toggle between voicings with a single stomp.


The SpectraComp side of the pedal allows you to fine tune your overdrive, while also providing access to a wide variety of artist compression TonePrints. While using the same multiband algorithm from TC Electronic’s legendary System 6000 studio compressors, the SpectraDrive has boiled down its controls to a single knob, allowing you to dial in the perfect amount of compression with ease.


Other features of the SpectraDrive include the smart EQ taken from the BH800 bass head, and the same buffer circuit used in the Bonafide buffer, preventing any loss of signal strength over long cable runs. The SpectraDrive can also be used as a high quality headphone amplifier, and also includes an auxiliary input for playback through speakers.


TC Electronic are distributed in Australia by Amber Technology.