Take a peek at Jim Root’s new signature Fender Jazzmaster

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Take a peek at Jim Root’s new signature Fender Jazzmaster

While there’s not yet been any official word from the folks at Fender, we’re sure that the image in question is bound to tantalise a lot of players for all the right reasons. All of Jim Root’s previous collaborations with the company have been some of their best received signature models yet – even the Squiers are incredible – and with Slipknot’s new record hitting the streets this week, there couldn’t be a better time to tease something new.




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It looks like the new Jim Root Jazzmaster will feature active EMG humbuckers, which some are speculating to be Jim Root signature models in their own right. The instrument also features a creamy Arctic White finish and a bound neck with pearloid fret inlays, as well as a matching headstock which looks like it’s been plucked straight from a Stratocaster. This one also looks like it’ll feature locking tuners and a hardtail string-thru bridge, as well as the minimal volume knob and pickup selector of the original Jim Root Jazzmaster released back in 2014.



It’s also interesting to note EMG Pickups have hashtagged #namm2020 on the original image, offering another drool-inducing clue of when we can expect these ones to land. Needless to say, we’re pretty darn keen.


In case you missed it, Slipknot’s new album comes out this Friday – read more about it here.