Steve Vai links up with Synergy for signature preamp module

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Steve Vai links up with Synergy for signature preamp module

If you’re new to the concept of Synergy Amplifiers, here’s a brief one-two: these guys essentially make two-channel preamp ‘modules’ based on famous boutique and classic amplifier builds, which simply slide into a slot in an amplifier head – almost like a Nintendo 64 cartridge. The modules can be swapped to suit your tonal preference, utilise real tubes in their design, can play nice with your existing amp and even boast a silent line out with cab sim to plug straight into a mixing board or recording strip. They’re also relatively affordable to boot.



Synergy claim that they spent months tweaking the new VAI module to meet the shred legend’s exact standards, allowing users to enjoy crazy tube tones in a extraordinarily compact package without blowing out on the volume front. The module is powered by dual 12AX7 tubes and features two channels, with the blue channel delivering a clean Fender-themed voice and the red channel offering high-gain filth.


Mini toggle switches for boost and bright let you zone in on your preferred tone a little further, while a three-position cathode select lets you configure input tube bias for input gain and bass response. Check it all out below – it seems to be a really sick concept!



Head to Deluxe Guitars to find out more about Synergy Amplifiers in Australia today.