Seymour Duncan unveils FOOZ analogue fuzz synthesiser pedal

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Seymour Duncan unveils FOOZ analogue fuzz synthesiser pedal

Utilising an intense square wave fuzz, the Seymour Duncan FOOZ transforms your guitar signal into an abrasive wall of sheer oscillation for limitless tone sculpting. The filter section includes both a Low Pass and Band Pass option, offering everything from subtle modulation to whacky wah-wah and envelope filter sounds. An LFO and envelope follower provide further modulation options to control volume, frequency, LFO depth and LFO rate, all of which can be controlled externally via an expression pedal. 


The analogue construction and block format of the FOOZ brings a whole new level of tweakability to your guitar tone, billing itself as the perfect pedal for serial synth noodlers or sonic architects. From classic effects such as fuzz and tremolo to whacked out synth tones such as rhythmic filters and fuzz-wahs, the FOOZ offers it all – and boy oh boy, we can’t wait to get our hands on it. Check out the video below to see what we’re talking about.



Seymour Duncan is distributed in Australia through Dominant Music.