Seymour Duncan Release New Woody SC Pickup

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Seymour Duncan Release New Woody SC Pickup


The single coil pickup is passive, magnetic, and made to sit in the sound hole of most standard sized guitars from 94mm to 100mm.

For acoustic players who want to play live in a band, and don’t want the restrictions of sitting or standing in front of a microphone to allow themselves to be heard in the mix, this pickup is perfect for you. It would also be good for a solo acoustic player who wants to start plugging into PA systems at gigs, but doesn’t want to spring for an entirely new guitar with a pre-installed pickup.


Being single coil, the sound is bright, with plenty of chime and top-end brilliance, and the pickup is available in maple, walnut or black stained housing. It comes with a studio quality cable, meaning you can plug straight into your amp or PA system and start playing as soon as you get the pickup.



For more information, head to Seymour Duncan is distributed around Australia via Dominant Music.