Seymour Duncan launches new Mark Holcomb Dark Sun Delay/Reverb

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Seymour Duncan launches new Mark Holcomb Dark Sun Delay/Reverb

Combining two of Halcomb’s favourite sounds from Seymour Duncan’s Silver Lake and Andromeda effects, the Dark Sun offers pristine hall reverb and lashings of warm sounding digital delay in what Halcomb promises to be the “ultimate delay and reverb combo.”


The powerful pedal includes an intuitive effects EQ section to shape the tone of the wet signal, as well as saturation and chorus effects to add further depth and modulated texture to your sound. The Seymour Duncan Dark Sun also comes loaded with a Dynamic Expression control to alter the mix of the effect through your own playing dynamics for a super responsive playing experience. 


The Dark Sun also includes a tap tempo footswitch with four adjustable tap divisions, which can also be set via MIDI and displayed in BPM or milliseconds. There’s even four different routing options, making the Dark Sun a formidable contender for guitarists seeking a delay/reverb pedal to take up permanent residency on their board.




Speaking about the Dark Sun, Halcomb stated that he and Seymour Duncan “designed this pedal to be the ultimate delay and reverb combo but, over the course of its development, it has served as something much more for me: an idea generator, a writing companion—something you can plug into and rely on for inspiration. Finding that creative spark is a constant pursuit for me, and this pedal makes that journey easier. Seymour Duncan has created something truly special with the Dark Sun.”


Head to Dominant Music for all Seymour Duncan products in Australia.