Roland redesign the Fantom workstations for the pro market

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Roland redesign the Fantom workstations for the pro market

The Fantom 6, 7 and 8 workstations all share similar high-end specs, with touch screen displays allowing for full control over all your tone shaping, sequencing and editing needs. Roland claim that the interface of the Fantom is perfect for users looking for “a consistent working experience at all times”, and with such a wide array of electronic, acoustic and hybrid tones on tap, it looks like they’ve done a pretty remarkable job.



While the Fantom 6 and 7, which boast 61 and 76 keys respectively, feature a new semi-weighted action, the Fantom 8 features a deluxe PHA-50 keybed with 88 weighted keys, offering an incredibly dynamic playing experience. There’s also a whole host of buttons, knobs and sliders to control the unit with in addition to the touchscreen, while an analogue filter and effects section give you even further control over the sounds you’re crafting. 


Roland Fantom 8


For those looking to use the Fantom in the studio, a TR-REC pattern sequencer and real-time piano roll editing will be extremely beneficial, while the RGB pads will be perfect for tapping out grooves. The Fantom workstations are also extremely DAW friendly, with Logic and MainStage users being able to link their display up to the Fantom’s touchscreen display for a super hands-on editing experience. 


Roland Fantom 7


The new Fantom workstations are available to order now. As you’d expect, they come with a pretty hefty price tag, but when you consider exactly what they bring to the party, we reckon it’s 100% worth it. 


Roland Fantom 6


Head to Roland Australia for all the details.