PRS Guitars Introduces McCarty 594 Soapbar Limiteds

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PRS Guitars Introduces McCarty 594 Soapbar Limiteds

Dubbed as a collaboration between the two audio giants, the McCarty 594 Soapbar Limited models offers guitarists two modified Seymour Duncan Antiquity P90s, slightly adjusted to fit the cavity design of the McCarty 594, resulting in a hyper-responsive, low-output tone machine perfect for full chords and sweet single note runs.


In a statement for PRS, product specialist Bryan Ewald noted the meticulously designed 24.594” scale of the McCarty 594 model as having a huge impact on the colour of the tone provided by the limited run of pickups, stating – “The PRS/Seymour Duncan soapbars in these models have nice bite and grind, single notes are sweet and clean but still have plenty of heft to them, and they are very responsive to where you pick on the string.”


While there’s no limit to the number of McCarty 594 Soapbar guitars that will be made, the order window is limited to July 11 and August 31 through authorised PRS dealers and distributors, so get in quick to snag these models. 



PRS are distributed in Australia through Electric Factory