PreSonus Introduces All-In-One Studio AR22 Recording Mixer

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PreSonus Introduces All-In-One Studio AR22 Recording Mixer

The StudioLive AR22 is a 22-channel mixer with a built in 24bit/96kHz USB 2.0 interface, allowing users to hook it up to their computer to record anything on the go. The AR22 also enables SD card compatibility, allowing you to record a two-track mix onto an SD card and playback up to 32GB of MP3 or WAV files.


Featuring 16 Class A mic preamps and 26 analogue line inputs, the PreSonus AR22 is bursting with different recording options, including a built-in global phantom power function for condenser microphones. Each of the 12 mono and four stereo channels on the board has a 60mm fader, low-cut filter, mute, pan, solo, and prefader listen. In addition, each mono channel has a 3-band parametric EQ with sweepable mid-band, while the stereo channels provides a single mic input with balanced 1/4-inch left and right inputs and an EQ.


As well as including PreSonus’s Capture live recording software and Studio One 3Artist DAW with Magic Plug-in Suite, the AR22 also boasts a Super Channel feature, allowing you to play back audio from four stereo sources simultaneously. While it won’t hit our shores till the end of the year, it looks like the PreSonus AR22 is going to be a favourite with live musicians and studio engineers alike.



PreSonus are distributed in Australia via Link Audio.