Play Anywhere With This Cardboard Drum Kit

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Play Anywhere With This Cardboard Drum Kit


A new approach towards traditional drums, the Obilab drum set is made out of your common cardboard. Being fit for a room drummer, you can strap it to your back and set it up quickly anywhere. The new Obilab drum set preaches accessibility and flexibility to anyone wanting to play. 


The cardboard drum set is lighter and a lot quieter, with the tops fitted with fibreglass to give additional strength, guiding the drummer how to play. Adding to the eclectic design and innovative style, the Obilab drum set is fitted with a digital rubber string, which acts as a bow and is attached to the fibreglass.

The features do not stop there; you can set the kit up and send MIDI data to your mobile device or computer. This means essentially you can use the cardboard kit as an electric kit.


Obilab have set up a crowd funding campaign, only charging $112 to have a full kit and set of sticks.


To find out more about the Obilab cardboard drum set, click here.