Firstly, tell me about what happened, walk me through this exchange.


The customer came into our store with his mother, they brought a guitar that belonged to his brother who had sadly passed away. The guitar was played extensively by the brother as he was a very keen guitarist, and since his passing it has had somewhat of a hard life being left in a shed for years. They felt it was time to breathe some new life into it and get it working again, but weren’t sure if it was too far gone. Their main complaint was when you tried to play it, there was a “buzzing rattle” sound coming from inside the guitar.

It turns out that some wasps had gotten in there and made it their home.


Is this the weirdest thing you’ve ever found in a guitar?


It’s on par with sour breakfast cereal being eaten by maggots I once found in a customers classical guitar. Their children thought it would be fun to feed the guitar some wheaties and leave it in there for days. The smell was horrendous!


Did you have any suspicions about what it might be before you looked at it?


As soon as I saw the mud coming out of the input jack, I actually thought it may have been termites.


How long was this guy playing a wasp’s nest before he took it in for repair?


They weren’t really playing it, they dug it out of the shed and gave it a quick strum and noticed something wasn’t quite right.


How’s the guitar now? Did it come out of this ordeal in good shape?


We gave it a full service and it actually turned out to be a really nice guitar. No more buzzing!




This all took place at Living Music in Greensborough. For more information about the store head to