Novation Circuit gets a firmware update

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Novation Circuit gets a firmware update

Novation have stated that the updates have been designed to ‘benefit every producers creative workflow,’ addressing their commitment to providing consistent support to Circuit users around the globe. 


One of the main features of the firmware update is the Circuit’s new ability to record ‘off the grid,’ with non-quantised recording now added to the firmware of the unit. This allows for Version 1.8 Circuit users to record synth and drum tracks directly to microsteps to create rhythmically complex ideas without being automatically adjusted back to a 16th note grid. Whether you want to create staggered Dilla-esque drum grooves or plucky polyrhythmic synth lines, this update will leave you happy. 





The Circuit now also allows users to edit synths on a microstep level, ensuring you’ve got plenty of control over your tracks at all times. This microstep editing feature is great for editing trappy triplet hi-hats – perfect for all you budding Metro Boomin’s out there. 


Elsewhere, Novation’s Circuit firmware update now allows for per-note velocity tracking and assignable MIDI channels, increasing the unit’s flexibility when implemented into a bigger studio setup. 


Own a Novation Circuit? Download the v 1.8 firmware update here


Novation is distributed Australia wide via Innovative Music