Nektar Panorama MIDI controllers are now fully compatible with Studio One

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Nektar Panorama MIDI controllers are now fully compatible with Studio One

If you’re expecting standard fader, knob and controller mapping with this update, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise – Nektar have gone all the way and mapped the Panorama controllers to all included synths and the mixer console within Studio One for full hands-on control over all aspects of the DAW. There’s even full parameter feedback on the controller display for when looking at a computer screen is just too much for you to handle, and dedicated ‘mixer’ and ‘instrument’ modes for the controls to allocate themselves to your preferred layout at the touch of a button. 


The update sees all internal Studio One instruments like Impact XT, Mai Tai and Mojito (and their commonly used presets and parameters) being automatically mapped to the Panorama’s knobs, while third-party instruments are easily mapped by going to the Learn function. There’s also an in-depth plugin host called the Nektarine which you can use to tweak these presets even further, making this compatibility update particularly enticing to those who tend to stash and hoard VSTs and other plugins.  




PreSonus Studio One and Nektar’s impresive controller integration is available for free to all Panorama P and T users, as well as those using the Nektar SE, Impact and Pacer controllers. 


PreSonus are distributed in Australia via Link Audio. For further information on Nektar products, head over to Sound & Music.