Native Instruments launches Super 8 virtual analogue synthesiser

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Native Instruments launches Super 8 virtual analogue synthesiser

Packed to the brim with more than 200 presets, including rich analogue strings, ethereal pads, deep basses, biting leads, electronic percussion, and unusual effects,” you’ll be able to wrangle just about any sound you’d ever need from the Super 8, with an extremely hands-on interface making it easy to tweak these presets to your own preferences. 


Similar to other VST’s emulating classic analogue polysynths, the Super 8 can be controlled by an array of virtual sliders and knobs to control waveforms, LFOs, low, high and band-pass filters,  Filter and Amp Envelopes, ADSR and more, allowing you to blend up to four waveforms from each of the two oscillators. There’s also options to add digital FM oscillation, change the amount of voices and even map various modulation sources for a plethora of crazy poly sounds. 


Watch a demonstration of the Super 8 below.




Native Instrument’s Super 8 is available now through Reaktor 6 or Reaktor 6 Play. Head to CMI Music Technology for more details on buying Native Instruments products within Australia.