Moog set to raffle vintage Minimoog signed by Stevie Wonder

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Moog set to raffle vintage Minimoog signed by Stevie Wonder

The classic synthesiser, which was built in Moog’s original Williamsville, N.Y factory, features the Tamla-Motown legend’s signature in the form of two fingerprints, which are embossed on a brass and plexiglass panel above the pitch and modulation wheels. The Bob Moog Foundation state that while the Minimoog, which boasts the serial number 8207, bears evidence of slight aging and obvious love, the internal components of the instrument have been fully restored and the unit is in pristine physical condition – not bad for going on 50 we reckon.


Tickets for the raffle are on sale for US $25, with Moog also offering the option to purchase five tickets for $100. Despite Moog being based in the United States, the raffle is open to all international entries, with the Bob Moog Foundation promising to assist the lucky winner with arranging shipping as much as possible. 




With an estimated value of US $5000 and the aura of Stevie Wonder surrounding the synth in abundance, you’d have to be very superstitious to not want to bank your chances on this one. Tickets for last year’s raffle sold like hot cakes – but when there’s three Moog synths on offer, that’s always bound to happen. 


Check out the Bob Moog Foundation for more details.