Moog are raffling off a trio of vintage synths

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Moog are raffling off a trio of vintage synths

Named in honour of the company’s founder, the Bob Moog Foundation helps carry his legacy as an innovator through to future generations by educating children and adults about electronics, how they inform music and the intersections between science and sound.


This year’s holy trinity of Moog gear to be raffled includes a Moog Source for first prize, while a Moog Prodigy and Moog Rogue occupy the second and third prize spots respectively. 


Both the Source and the Rogue have been restored by Tone Tweakers, while the Rogue has also had a MIDI-to-SV converter retro-fitted to allow for greater control over its parameters. 


All three synths are considered as oddities in the Moog family due to their distinctive designs, namely the Source, yet are all regarded as cult classics in their own right. There’s certainly no harm in taking a punt to see if you can snag a win, and at the end of the day, it’s all for a great cause. 


You can find out more about the Bob Moog Raffle via their website. To to enter the raffle, head here – make sure you get your ticket before September 28!



Moog are distributed in Australia through Innovative Music.