Mooer reveal the GE250 multi-effects processor

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Mooer reveal the GE250 multi-effects processor

In addition to 70 stock amp models and 32 cab impulse responses, the GE250 features a whopping 180 effects units, which are sorted into 11 preset blocks. These effects blocks can be placed wherever you may please via the Mooer GE250’s intuitive design, giving you total control over your virtual tones. 



You’re also able to load third-party impulse responses into the unit to give yourself some further tonal variety, while Mooer’s Tone Capture technology lets you sample and model other amps or instruments and blend them to your stock virtual amps. There’s also an inbuilt tuner, 70 second looper, ten metronomes and a huge 60 drum tracks to practise and play with. 



Mooer have also designed the GE250 with an assortment of options for connecting to different audio sources, including stereo XLR and TRS ports, MIDI in and out and a low latency USB connection, letting the GE250 function as an audio interface. 


Mooer Audio products are distributed in Australia via Jade MC Australia.