Mooer introduces new trio of Micro Preamp mini-pedals

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Mooer introduces new trio of Micro Preamp mini-pedals

The 018 Custom 100, 017 Cali MK IV, and 016 Phoenix are the latest developments to emerge from the famed Mooer factory. The pedals add to the Micro Preamp collection, which seeks to offer users accurate digital recreations of classic amp tones in compact, mini-pedal formats.



018 CUSTOM 100

Modelled on a 100 watt, plexi-based, boutique signature amp, the 018 Custom 100 offers bucketloads of versatility for any player. Its dual channels span a wide spectrum of EQ and gain settings, with the clean channel generating both F-style American shimmer and UK-style warmth opposite the drive channel and its offering of a modern take on classic British sounds.



The 017 Cali MK IV recreates two channels from one of the most renowned session player combos of the modern age. This preamp grants players shimmering sounds via its clean channel, and contrasts this perfectly with the grinding crunch and soaring leads of the gain channel.



If you’re well versed in the field of heavy metal, the final addition to the Mooer Micro Preamp age is for you. The 016 Phoenix pays tribute to modern, German-designed metal amps with two distinct channels: the clean channel, offering everything from sparkling clear tones to sharp crunch, and the gain channel, supporting fat rock rhythms through to biting metal riffs.


Mooer Pedals is distributed through Jade Australia.