Melodyne 5 promises to be one of the biggest plugin releases of 2020

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Melodyne 5 promises to be one of the biggest plugin releases of 2020

Their most powerful update yet.

Celemony have unveiled a new version of their acclaimed Melodyne suite, promising a pitch correction experience unlike any other available on the market.

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Pitch correction might receive a bad rap from a lot of “real” musicians out there, but most engineers will tell you it’s a vital part of any vocal chain – you’re unlikely to hear many songs that don’t feature the effect to some extent these days.

With Melodyne 5, Celemony have tweaked the plugin to make it detect the overall presence and volume of breaths, peaking syllables and other vocal noises, with the software then processing these parts independently from other pitched components. It also gives you further control over time stretching and dynamic control, which essentially makes Melodyne 5 perfect for de-essing, double-tracking or intonating treated vocals.

Elsewhere, Melodyne 5 features a new combination of Chord Track and Pitch Grid modes to let you adapt vocal tracks or samples to the harmony of an entire song, harmonising them with any track instantly. This promises to be a vital tool for electronic producers; particularly those remixing tracks and changing the key of certain stems.

Melodyne 5 also includes new Fade and Level Macro tools, letting you tweak the fades or dynamics of each note, as well as a new algorithm designed specifically to pitch percussive sounds. These adjustments should make for a much cleaner workflow, and help make this new update an essential download for any producer or engineer.

Find out more about Melodyne 5 via Celemony’s website.